now in Natural Walnut Ply

We’re pleased to introduce the Slotted System Bookcase in Natural Walnut Ply. The design of these beauties is the only thing simple about them. A wood craftsman works for days on each one. They’re made in California of premium American natural walnut ply,  each unit is cut and trimmed by hand to ensure an exact fit (one “foot” alone has 27 edges and surfaces to be hand-sanded), then matte clear-coated, meticulously edge-banded (16 edges per unit are hand edge-banded, a painstaking process of cutting, trimming and application), then sanded again and hand rubbed with a light finish of natural beeswax (the finish is gorgeous, and the way it feels in your hands is the first thing you’ll love when you put it together). We work hard to create a lasting piece of book furniture that functions perfectly and  holds up beautifully with use. The SSB-1 ships flat & slots together effortlessly to make a sturdy and handsome table top bookcase.

17″W x 13″D x 10″H



See the original Natural Birch Ply version here.

location: Paulson Bott Press in Berkeley, California. framed images by Martin Puryear.