Custom Marbled Paper Wrapped Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Editions make some of the best chocolate we’ve had. Made by graphic designers Mary and Matt, the bars come in a variety of flavors and shapes, all informed by Mary & Matt’s bright & colorful Pop Art sensibility. But don’t think the beauty of their bars runs skin deep; they learned chocolate making from Jaques Torres himself, and everything we’ve tasted of theirs has been pure magic.

We asked them to make us a version of their popular Salted Dark Bar in hand-marbled paper, reminiscent of the classic red-yellow-blue endpapers we’ve seen in antique books. They took that direction & amped up the colors, making for some truly eye-popping eye candy. Each wrapper is frame-worthy, unique and super deluxe (you can feel the heavy inks on the thick paper), and the Salted Dark Chocolate Bar will become a serious addiction…




This item has special shipping restrictions.  Please inquire at info@book— for more info.